How to initiate a dependency visa application procedure with Dwyer Legal?

To initiate an application procedure for a Blue Card work permit, the following documents need to be provided to us:

  • passport copy spouse;
  • passport copy children;
  • Dwyer Legal Family application form (Excel sheet to be provided by Dwyer Legal);
  • copy of marriage certificate;
  • copy of birth certificate spouse;
  • copy of the children's birth certificates;
  • copy of employee's German registration certificate with city hall (if given);
  • copy of German employment contract employee;
  • power of attorney, signed by employee and spouse (template can be provided by Dwyer Legal);
  • plus - in case the employee is already in Germany:
    • copy of employee's German registration certificate with city hall (if given);
    • copy of employee's health insurance confirmation or health insurance Card;
    • copy of 3 latest German pay slips of employee (if given);
    • copy of German tenancy Agreement;
    • copy of landlord-confirmation.

Documents to be handed in with the Consulate (originals and 2 copies each):

  • passports;
  • application form (one for each applicant, no matter the age);
  • marriage certificate;
  • birth certificates (one for each applicant);
  • passport photos for each applicant (biometrical);
  • personal supporting letter from the employee;
  • passport copy employee;
  • employment contract employee;
  • 3 latest pay slips employee;
  • German tenancy agreement employee;
  • Mietbescheinigung employee;
  • German registration receipt employee;
  • visa payment confirmation (demand draft).

Please note that applications are only accepted if the documents are being sent to application@dwyer-legal com.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need additional information or support before filing an application.

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