What is required to file a visa application for self employment?

If a foreigner wants to work as a self-employed in Germany or wants to act as a CEO of a company, he is holding more than 50 % of the shares of, then he needs to show that this business has good chances to be fruitful.

To file a work-permit application for self-employment (which includes the filing of a work-permit application for the CEO of a self-owned GmbH), the following documents and information are required:

  1. Copy of applicant’s passport
  2. Copy of company registration document (Handelsregisterauszug)
  3. Applicant’s CV
  4. Detailed business plan for the company, best with German translation and including
    I. Information on capital Investments
    II. Financial expectations (3 year prognosis) and
    III. Background information on other companies owned by the applicant
    IV. Information in applicant’s income from the company processing and other companies during the period of the first 3 years
    1. Marriage certificate
    2. Spouse' s passport copy
    3. Children’s passport copy
    4. Birth certificates spouse and children
    5. Information on intended residence location in Germany (when travelling)
    6. WP-application forms, as attached.

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